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Joseph's Storehouse is blessed with large truck loads of food each month to be a blessing to many in the community.

Cars begin lining up early before our gates open at 8:30 on giveaway day, which last until 11:30.  There is plenty of food for everyone who comes during those times. 

Changing Lives - Our Blog
Thursday, September 05 2019

Joseph's Storehouse exists to show the love of God to the people by reaching out and meeting their needs, specifically in the area of food ministry.  Everyone who comes for food is also given the opportunity for one-on-one prayer if they so desire, and most of them do.   Most of them also have thankful hearts... for the food and for the personal prayers.  Each month we hear many stories of how we've impacted their lives. This month Vivian wrote to us:

"I just want to thank you for all you do. I was so upset about my Dad's cancer and all my emotions while caring for him. I don't know the older man's name that was praying with me, but I want to thank him for his prayers, kind words, advice and hug. His wife was the lady that was calling out the numbers.They are a sweet couple. Thanks [to Joseph's Storehouse]  for giving me the supplies that I needed for my Dad. I was able to wash his hair, with the no rinse shampoo, and the pull ups were a blessing. Please remember Daddy in your prayers. He has stage 4 liver cancer and is very weak. I go to church every week, but yesterday, I needed someone to just talk with me, that I could be open with. I needed that, more than the food. Keep up the good work. God bless you all."

We hear so many stories like hers.  More than the food, she needed someone to listen, to care, and to agree with her in prayer.   That's what we do. We don't promote any specific church, or even a specific denomination. We promote the love of Jesus by showing the people that we care.  We give them opporunity to ask for prayer of agreement over whatever area in their lives they wish to pray. We join our faith with theirs to believe God to meet their needs. In Vivian's case, she has a lot on her plate with her dad's cancer, but one of our prayer warriors helped lift that burden up to the Lord.  Jesus said for us to come unto Him when we are burdened and heavy laden and that He would give us His rest.   So she left not only with much needed food and supplies, but feeling much lighter and less burdened than when she came to receive food. Praise God!  That's why we're here. 

Your generous gifts help make what we do possible.  If you are not already a financial supporter, please consider becoming a monthly contributor.  $10, $25, $50 each month makes such a difference in the lives of the less fortunate in the community.   If you are already a supporter, we thank you very much for your continued support.   We also want to remind everyone that we only have a couple of months before the holidays. November and December are always the months we see the biggest need.  Thank you for helping us help them.    "Inasmuch as you have done it unto the least of these My brethren, you have done it unto Me." 

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