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Friday, July 17 2015

We are excited about our new computer system. The new system will make the process easier for those of you needing assistance as well as the volunteers processing the paperwork. While government regulations require some paperwork, our primary objective is to share the love of God with His people by providing both physical and spiritual food to those in need. We believe the new system will help us acheive our goal. Recertifications will now only be required once per year instead of every six months. Only one form of identification (a picture ID such as a driver's license) is required now instead of two. The new cards will have a bar code on them allowing us to scan the card when you come through, which will eliminate hours of back end paperwork. The ladies in the front office will process new applications and recertifications directly into the computers, which will both speed up the process and eliminate duplications. We are also implementing a paperwork reduction plan. Please bear with us as everyone gets up to speed on the new system.


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