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Joseph's Storehouse is blessed with large truck loads of food each month to be a blessing to many in the community.

Cars begin lining up early before our gates open at 8:30 on giveaway day, which last until 11:30.  There is plenty of food for everyone who comes during those times. 

Changing Lives - Our Blog
Wednesday, March 13 2024

God commanded many different sacrifices in the Old Testament. All the sacrifices in the Old
Testament were opportunities for God’s people to look forward in faith to the coming of His
Son to be their Savior. All the blood that was shed in the Old Testament times was meant to
foreshadow the blood that Christ would shed upon the cross. Without the shedding of blood,
Christ’s blood, there would be no final and complete forgiveness of sins.
Something special would happen in the days known as Yom Kippur or “Day of Atonement.” It
was a season marked by intense reflection and repentance. The High Priest was instructed to
choose two (2) goats that would be selected and presented before the Lord. The casting of lots
would determine each one’s fate. One would be designated “for the Lord” and sacrificed as a
blood offering. The high priest would enter the Holy of Holies in the Tabernacle, bringing with
him blood to make atonement for the people. With the other goat, the Scapegoat, the high
priest would lay his hands on the head of the live goat, confess over it all the iniquities of the
people, and in this way put all their sins on the goat. Then the scapegoat would be carried
away into uninhabited land in the wilderness not to be heard from again. The goat would
perish to its death in the barren hills outside of Jerusalem along with the transgressions of the
“And the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all” Isaiah 53:6b.
Jesus is both goats to accomplish our Day of Atonement. The ceremony has come to its reality
and fulfillment in Christ. Both goats represented the work that Christ would do; the goat
designated “for the Lord” and the goat designated “Scapegoat” are to be found in Jesus Christ.
Christ performed both tasks: the offering of sin, and the carrying away of sin. Out of great love
for us all, Jesus made himself a willing offering and carried away all our sin. “And their sins and
iniquities will I remember no more,” Hebrews 10:17. God’s blessings, protection, and favor to
all this Easter season.

Benny Nolen
Joseph's Storehouse

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